Spring Ahead Workout With Suja

We've been working hard to get healthy this year and decided to take advantage of the extra hour of daylight this weekend by taking our workout outdoors. We'd get in a quick run, do some stretching and head back to Anita's house for a post workout meal. The sun was very deceiving as the Minnesota wind totally kicked our butts. To say we're excited for spring is a serious understatement. 

While we wait for the warm weather to come, the past couple months we've been focusing on our nutrition and how we can best fuel our bodies. Nutrition is something we're both trying to learn more about including easy ways to encourage healthy habits. Recently we started to incorporate Suja Juice in our daily routine for a healthy beverage option. We love the brand behind Suja, which literally means long, beautiful life. They've been a great addition to our health journey that we find ourselves in this year and are really tasty! They have several types of drinks so we recommend trying a few of their flavors to find which you like best. Our personal favorites include Watermelon Whim, Lemon Love and Ginger Kombucha

Have you tried Suja before? Thoughts on the Suja Cleanse? 

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- Anita and Nicole