Building a Secret Confidence with LIVELY

Let's talk about bras for a moment. For the entire post really. For something that many women wear everyday, bras can add a secret confidence to the start of your day or make you feel really uncomfortable. While reviewing our undergarment drawers, we noticed a theme, most of our bras didn't fit right. You'd think that this wouldn't be something that modern day women are still struggling with, but it is. 

With spring right around the corner, we thought we'd start our hunt for the perfect bralettes. The beautiful lace or sporty style can easily become a great layering piece with a spring dress or top. Insert LIVELY, a brand that's all about supporting women to be confident, comfortable and empowered to live your best life all while using the highest quality components.

We love LIVELY's message, because that's exactly what Restored Daily is about - living a healthy and fulfilled life. While the message behind the brand is great, it was time to put their products to the test. We tried two of their bralettes: The Mesh Trim Bralette and The Palm Lace Bralette, both in jet black. 

Upon receiving, we were impressed with their packaging and the quality of the bras. But were they comfortable? Oh, yes. The LIVELY fit guide was really helpful and ensured that we both received the correct sizes. The band of the bras were comfortable and fit at the loosest loop, just like they're supposed to. Nicole was worried the mesh on The Mesh Trim Bralette could be scratchy, but it was soft enough to not be an issue.

Let's just say, if the rest of their bras fit this comfortable, bra shopping just got a whole lot easier!

Note: LIVELY also has swimwear. Can't wait to try out some of their cute styles!
Another Note: These bralettes made us want to throw on a sweater and cozy up to these coffees again. 

*This post is made in partnership with LIVELY. As always, all thoughts & opinions are our own.