Embracing A New Fitness Lifestyle

As long as I can remember, I've always been labeled as the skinny girl. People would joke, “Do you even eat?” “It's windy out, be careful you don’t blow away.” No matter shape or size; we all have insecurities of ourselves and one of mine was pointed out all the time by people I loved and by people that I didn't even know. I don’t think anyone actually understood that I was hurt by their comments nor do I think anyone meant any harm by them. None the less, I was tired of being the “fragile” one. I wanted to be strong, but most importantly I wanted to be healthy.

After reaching my breaking point, I realized that I could do something about this. I started working out, but Lord knows that I had no idea what I was doing.  I was in a “it’s complicated relationship” with the gym for about a year. Going only when I felt like it and not fully understanding the exercises that I was doing. I started having knee pain from incorrect form and realized that I needed help to achieve my goal.

In the summer of 2017 is when I really buckled down and got serious. I hired a personal trainer to teach me correct form and to provide me with some accountability. My personal trainer looked over what I was eating and I learned that I wasn't eating enough calories nor was I eating the right things. I needed more protein, more vegetables and less carbs. I started meal prepping so that I could eat the right food and have it easily accessible. Hiring a personal trainer, learning correct form, and learning what to eat were all game changers for me.

I don't often step on the scale, because I think its more important to be happy with your body than worrying about the amount of gravity it takes to keep us on the ground.  To show you how much my body has changed, I hoped on the scale for this post. And while I'd love to keep you in suspense, I'm terrible at surprises. Six months ago I weighed 98 pounds and to date I weigh 114. That’s 16 pounds gained ladies and gentlemen!

Restored Daily Lifestyle Blog Health and Fitness Goals
Restored Daily Lifestyle Blog Health and Fitness Goals

I'm not going to lie, that day when I stepped on the scale, looked down and saw 114, I cried.  Not the sobbing snotty kind of cry, but a, “Look at what I've accomplished,” kind of cry. It hasn’t been easy and to be very honest I’ve had my share of skip days where I’ll find any excuse in the book to not have to go to the gym. Like going home to pet my cats or see if Bath and Body Works has any candles on sale. You know, very important things.

I'm so happy with where I'm at on my fitness journey and I'm just getting started. I can't wait to see where I'm at another six months from now.

- Anita