Restored Daily - Anita Fiedler
REstored Daily - Nicole Blackburn

Welcome to Restored Daily! We're Anita Fiedler and Nicole Blackburn. Best friends since we were two years old and now business partners.

We're the owners of Restored Daily, a lifestyle blog about living a healthy, fulfilled life. Here we document our travels, interiors, recipes, as well as bits of our lives in Minneapolis.


Restored Daily started as an idea several years ago. Nicole was injured in a car accident in 2013 and promised herself that if she were to ever get better, that she would start a blog that could help others live a restored life. Finally well on her way to recovery, in the summer of 2017, Anita brought up the idea of wanting to start a blog as well. With the same mission in mind, they joined forces and launched Restored Daily in November 2017.




Anita is an author and photographer behind Restored Daily. During the day she works at a local credit union and spends her afternoons running her photography business, crafting up new content, and managing social media sites.

Anita is engaged to Chris and they have two cats, Luna and Chubaka (aka KeeKee). In their free time they enjoy remodeling their home, traveling and going to the gym. Anita loves working with models and coming up with different conceptual photo shoots.




Nicole is an author and designer behind Restored Daily. Working as an assistant buyer and social media/website manager by day, Nicole spends her afternoons and weekends writing posts, updating the site, and creating new content. 

Nicole is married to Kyle and they have two dogs, Riley and Storm. In their free time they enjoy traveling and trying new restaurants. Nicole also enjoys healthy cooking, interior decorating, and photography - something you'll see throughout her posts.


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